Behavior, Uncertainties, Responsibilities


The research team « Behavior, Uncertainties, Responsibilities », roughly 30 full-time researchers located at IGR-IAE, or at the Departments of Economics in Rennes & Caen, focuses on various topics relative to individual and group decision making processes as well as to individual evaluation of satisfaction and happiness. Different field areas are explored by researchers: Labour relationships, consumer choice behavior, behavioral finance and behavioral economics, in particular when prospects could be risky or uncertain. Researches that are made aim to apply to different topics, as health economics, labour economics, transport economics, banking & finance, marketing, etc.

To this aim, among other empirical tools that are used, researchers could use a laboratory for running economic experiments (LABEX-EM) that is supported by a CNRS assistant engineer to study various aspects of behavioral economics & management, as cooperation, coordination, individual decision making, social choice, etc.

The research team has published in top journals like Management Science, Review of Economics & Statistics, European Economic Review, Experimental Economics, Health Economics, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, etc.


Scientific publications