To Be or Not to Be a Franchisee?

Explaining Individuals’ Intentions to Join a Franchise Network - Présentation de Evelien Croonen (Groningen University)

Dr. Evelien Croonen, Assistant Professor - Faculty of Economics and Business - Groningen University - The Netherlands, et Professeure invitée à l'IGR-IAE Rennes

En collaboration avec Olivier Herrbach, Assâad El Akremi et Rozenn Perrigot.

Abstract: We adopt and extend the theory of planned behavior (TPB) to test a theoretical framework explaining individuals’ intentions to join a franchise network. Our results from a survey among 880 individuals confirm the applicability of TPB in this specific entrepreneurial context: individuals’ attitudes towards franchising, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control positively affect their intentions to join a franchise network. Moreover, entrepreneurial motivations (i.e. need for competitive achievement and risk-taking propensity) moderate some of these relationships.

Keywords: Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB); Franchising; Intention to join a franchise network; Entrepreneurial motivations