How is your “mood” Boss? CEO’s mood state and its management

Présentation d'un projet de publication par Caroline Ruiller, Frédérique Chédotel et Emmanuelle Fromont

Frédérique Chédotel, Caroline Ruiller, Emmanuelle Fromont, en collaboration avec Gullliver Lux

Abstract : In Europe, the issue about of the CEOs’ mood and its influence on the company’s performance is becoming an important topic both for professionals and researchers, especially in psychology and strategic management. In this paper, we intend to bring a new viewpoint on the CEOs’ mood by simultaneously combining the results of researches in psychology and strategy. We propose to refine this concept, to analyze its antecedents, and to in evidence the moderating role of mood management on the relationship between CEOs mood states and their decision-making process by simultaneously combining the results of researches in psychology and strategy. Our study based on 20 semi-structured interviews with CEOs, provide three main contributions. The adaptation of the Bartel & Saveedra’s circumplex model of mood with an abductive positioning leads to propose four environmental determinants of CEOs’ mood, regarding their strategic key players’ role. Secondly, our results characterize the most significant dimensions of mood that impact decision-making and performance. Thirdly, the analyses corroborate the existence of four regulation modes which may be considered in our perspectives, as moderators of the relationship between mood and the CEOs’ decision-makings and their performances’ perception.

Keywords: CEO’s mood, context, mood management, decision making, psychological and strategic management perspective