Séminaire CREM "Eat & Think"

Présentation de Xiao Huang (Université de Concordia - Montréal)

Présentation de Dr Xiao Huang Assistant Professor - Supply Chain and Business Technology Management - Concordia University - Research Chair in Supply Change Management et Professeur invitée à l'IGR-IAE Rennes :

Title: "United We Stand Or Divided We Stand: Strategic Supplier Alliances Under Order Default Risk"

Abstract: We study the alliance formation strategy among suppliers in a one downstream firm-n upstream suppliers framework. Each supplier faces an exogenous random shock that results in an order default risk. Each of them also has access to a recourse fund that can mitigate that risk only if the magnitude of the shock is less than the recourse fund. The suppliers can share the fund resources within an alliance, but need to allocate profits of an alliance among the partners proportional to their resource shares. We analytically characterize the exact coalition-proof Nash-stable alliance structures that would arise in equilibrium for symmetric complementary and substitutable suppliers. Our analysis reveals that risk-reduction, rather than competition-reduction, is the motivator for alliance formation.

L'après-midi se poursuivra par une réunion de travail animée par Vincent Hovelaque (CREM, Université Rennes 1) sur le projet ANR FileasFog