PICS France/Chine

Technologies numériques et commerce B2B en ligne: analyses stratégiques et prospective dans un cadre de commerce international Chine-Europe.

PICS France/Chine

Ce PICS France/Chine, qui permet une coopération du CREM avec le Department of Electronic Commerce de l'Université de Jiangsu, à Zhenjiang, contribue aussi à la politique internationale du CNRS.

Porteurs: Thierry PENARD (Professeur des Universités, CREM U. Rennes 1) et Zhiwen LI (Professeur, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang)
Autres participants: Eric DARMON (Maître de Conférences, CREM U. Rennes 1), Thomas LE TEXIER (Maître de Conférences, CREM U. Rennes 1)
Durée : du 1er janvier 2015 au 31 décembre 2017

Le projet scientifique


Summary of the project: This research project has two goals. The first one is to analyze the revolution of electronic commerce in China and how it affects international (B2B) trade with the Western countries. The second one is to study electronic marketplaces in different cultural and economic environments. Alibaba group, one of the top worldwide B2B marketplaces, has developed its own ecosystem with a B2C platform Tmall, a C2C platform and a payment solution AliPay. What can we learn from Chinese marketplaces like Alibaba? How do these marketplaces create trust and reduce opportunistic behavior (fraud)? How do they compete with each other? What are their business models? Three main investigations have been conducted: "The impact of digital technologies on search behavior and bargaining power in B2B markets", "Two-sided platform competition through exclusivity and rebates on access prices" and "Mergers in platform industries with multi-market contact".

Les réalisations

Cette coopération a débouché sur plusieurs communications, working papers et publications dont

  • Li, Z., Arnold, M. & Penard, T. (2017). "How Increasing Supplier Search Cost Can Increase Welfare". The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 18(1), 1-7.
  • Darmon E., T. Le Texier, Z. Li and T. Pénard (2019): "Multimarket Contact and Platform Competition: Reassessing the Mutual Forbearance Hypothesis", SSRN Electronic Journal.

Le partenaire

Jiangsu University, School of Management