[Project Doc Seminar]

L'Association PROJECT organise des séminaires en ligne à destination des doctorants. Les invités sont eux-mêmes des doctorants qui présentent leur sujet de recherche.
  • Lundi 18 octobre 2021 [séminaire via Zoom]
    Gwen-Jiro Clochard - Polytechnique et laboratoire CREST
    Using Contact to Improve the Relationship between the Police and the Youth

    Abstract :
    "This study develops a model of water extraction with endogenous social norms. Many users are connected by a unique shared resource that can become scarce in case of over-exploitation. Preferences of individuals are guided by their extraction values and their taste for conformity to social norms which provide incentives to follow others. As the main result of this study, the uniqueness of the Nash equilibrium is established under a sufficient condition. Afterward, some comparative statics analysis shows the effects of change in individual heterogeneous parameters, conformism, and density of the network on the global quantity extracted. Welfare and social optimum properties are established to avoid the tragedy of the commons and sub-optimal consumptions of water. Lastly, this theoretical framework is completed by extensions to highlight levers of water preservation, including the calibration of social norm incentives."
  • Mercredi 13 octobre 2021 [séminaire via Zoom]
    Pauline Pedehour - Université de Nantes et laboratoire IEMN IAE - LEMNA
    Empowerment of social norms on water consumption

    Abstract :
    "The relationship between the police and part of the population in France is tense. I use a lab-in-the-field experiment in two high-schools in France to investigate the effect of a brief and controlled discussion between police officers and students on trust. I find a positive effect of contact on trust at the individual level - corresponding to an increase of approximately 0.4 standard deviation, however the effect does not translate to the police in general. A theoretical model of belief formation can shed light on why a single contact could not be sufficient due to prior - negative - interactions."



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Mercredi 2 décembre 2020 [séminaire virtuel]
Luz Yadira Gómez Hernández - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Housing prices and public transportation improvements. Evidence from Medellin, Colombia

Mercredi 17 juin 2020 [séminaire virtuel]
Giovanni Burro - Warwick University
Patience decreases with age for the poor but not for the rich: an international comparison

Mercredi 3 juin 2020 [séminaire virtuel]
Foly Ananou - University of Limoges
Liquidity Regulation and Bank Lending

Jeudi 21 mai 2020 [séminaire virtuel]
Anna Stansbury - Harvard University
Monopsony and Outside Options

Mercredi 13 mai 2020 [séminaire virtuel]
Malka Guillot - ETH University
Who paid the French 75% tax on millionaires? Effects on top wages earners and their employers

Jeudi 5 mars 2020 [séminaire virtuel]
Luis Monroy-Gomez-Franco -Graduate Center of the City University of New York
"Of regions and tones: Skin tone, social mobility and regional differences in Mexico"