[Séminaire CREM]  Hotelling-Downs Equilibria : Moving Beyond Plurality Variants.

Présentation de Aleksandr Karpov , Higher School of Economics

[Séminaire CREM]  Hotelling-Downs Equilibria : Moving Beyond Plurality Variants.
Mardi 2 mai 2023, 14h15
UFR SEGGAT - MRSH - Université de Caen Normandie
Salle SH148 et sur Zoom

Résumé :
Hotelling-Downs model is a classic model of political competition and strategizing candidates, almost always analyzed under plurality. Our paper presents a three-pronged development of the Hotelling-Downs model. First, we analyze competition under a variety of voting rules. Second, we consider not only a linear city model, but also a circular city model. Third, unlike most Hotelling-Downs papers, we solve the model under the winner-takes-all assumption, which saves many equilibria, and is more relevant to voting settings. In the case of three and four candidates we have found a measure of the set of equilibria.
Joint work with Omer Lev, and Svetlana Obraztsova