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  • 2023-01-ccr - Fabio Padovano, Pauline Mille
    Education, fake news and the Political Budget Cycle

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2020-01-ccr - Martina Dattilo, Fabio Padovano, Yvon Rocaboy
More is worse: Decreasing marginal quality of the Unesco World Heritage list

2020-02-ccr - Francesco Lagona, Fabio Padovano
How does legislative behavior change when the country becomes democratic? The case of South Korea

2020-03-ccr - Antoinette BAUJARD, Muriel GILARDONE
Reconciling agency and impartiality: positional views as the cornerstone of Sen’s idea of justice

2020-04-ccr - Martina Dattilo, Fabio Padovano, Yvon Rocaboy
Is beauty defined by victors? An analysis of colonial sites of the UNESCO WHL


2019-01-ccr - Laurie Bréban, Muriel Gilardone
A missing touch of Adam Smith in Amartya Sen’s account of Public Reasoning: the Man Within for the Man Without

2019-02-ccr - Daniele Bondonio
Does the Running Variable Matter? A Second Look at Discontinuity Designs for Evaluating Regional Economic Development and Business Incentive Policies

2019-03-ccr - Aurélie Cassette, Etienne Farvaque
Sticky decentralization? Evidence from the French school reform

2019-04-ccr - John Cruzatti C.
Free Trade Agreements and Local Economic Development: a Global Analysis with High-Resolution Data

2019-05-ccr - Laurent Denant-Boemont, Matthieu Leprince, Matthieu Pourieux
Distributive Preferences of Public Representatives: A Field-in-the-Lab Experiment

2019-07-ccr - Manfred J. Holler, Florian Rupp
Shaping a Network Constituency: A PGI Analysis inspired by the City of Munich

2019-08-ccr - Monika Banaszewska, Ivo Bischoff, Aneta Kaczyńska, Eva Wolfschütz
Does inter-municipal cooperation help improve local economic performance – evidence from Poland

2019-09-ccr - Sugata Ghosh, Anirban Mitra
Ethnic Identities, Public Spending and Political Regimes

2019-10-ccr - Peter Nannestad
Strategic Tax-Setting in Danish Municipalities? A First Look at the Evidence 2007 - 2017

2019-11-ccr - Harm Rienks
The electoral consequences of corruption and integrity scandals: The case of Dutch local elections

2019-12-ccr - Clémence Tricaud
Better alone? Evidence on the costs of intermunicipal cooperation

2019-13-ccr - Frank Bohn, Francisco José Veiga
Political Budget Forecast cycles


2018-01-ccr - Muriel Gilardone
The influence of Sen’s applied economics on his “social choice” approach to justice: agency at the core of public action to remove injustice

2018-02-ccr - Isabelle Cadoret, Emma Galli, Fabio Padovano
How do governments actually use environmental taxes?

2018-03-ccr - Fabio Padovano, Francesco Scervini, Gilberto Turati
Comparing governments’ efficiency at supplying income redistribution

2018-04-ccr - Isabelle Cadoret, Fabio Padovano
Derterminants and consequences of the stringency of environmental policies: an empirical test


2017-06-ccr - Fabio Padovano, Yvon Rocaboy
How defense shapes the institutional organization of states

2017-05-ccr - Benoît Le Maux, Kristýna Dostálová, Fabio Padovano
Ideology or Voters? A Quasi-Experimental Test of Why Left-Wing Governments Spend More

2017-04-ccr - Isabelle Cadoret, Emma Galli, Fabio Padovano
Environmental Taxation: Pigouvian or Leviathan ?

2017-03-ccr - Nicolas Gavoille
Who are the ‘ghost’ MPs ? Evidence from the French Parliament

2017-02-ccr - Kristýna Dostalova, Benoît Le Maux, Antti Moisio
Do political parties matter ? Endogenous fragmentation, partisanship, and local public expenditures in Finland

2017-01-ccr - Kristýna Dostalova, Benoît Le Maux, Fabio Padovano
Ideology and Public Policies : A Quasi-Experimental Test of the Hypothesis that Left-Wing Governments Spend More


2016-03-ccr - Benoît Le Maux, Sarah Necker, Yvon Rocaboy
Cheat or Perish ? A Theory of Scientific Customs

2016-02-ccr - Nicolas Gavoille, Marijn Verschelde
Electoral competition and political selection : An analysis of the activity of French deputies, 1958-2012

2016-01-ccr - Nicolas Gavoille, Fabio Padovano
Legislative Cycles in Semipresidential Systems


2015-02-ccr - Antoinette Baujard, Muriel Gilardone
Sen is not a capability theorist

2015-01-ccr - Isabelle Cadoret, Fabio Padovano
The Political Economy of Renewable Energies


2014-06-ccr - Nadia Fiorino, Nicolas Gavoille, Fabio Padovano
Rewarding Judicial Independance : Evidence from the Italian Constitutional court

2014-05-ccr - Béatrice Cherrier, Jean-Baptiste Fleury
Whose values ? The Rise, Fragmentation and Marginalization of Collective Choice in Postwar Economics, 1940-1981

2014-04-ccr - Bernard Grofman, Joseph Godfrey
Aspiration Models of Committee Decision Making

2014-03-ccr - Dennis C. Mueller
Public Choice, Social Choice, and Political Economy

2014-02-ccr - Valentino Larcinese
Enfranchisement and Representation : Italy 1909-1913

2014-01-ccr - Nicolas Gavoille, Jean-Michel Josselin, Fabio Padovano
What do you know about your mayor ? Voters’ information and jurisdiction size


2013-04-ccr - Enrico Spolaore
What Is European Integration Really About ? A Political Guide for Economists

2013-03-ccr - Muriel Gilardone, Antoinette Baujard
Individual judgments and social choice in Sen’s idea of justice and democracy

2013-02-ccr - Nicolas Gavoille, Fabio Padovano
The Dual Political Legislation Cycle in France

2013-01-ccr - Nicolas Gavoille
Governments and legislative production in France : the database (1959-2012)


2012-11-ccr - Matthias Dahm, Amihai Glazer
How An Agenda Setter Induces Legislators to Adopt Policies They Oppose

2012-10-ccr - Geoffrey Brennan, Michael Brooks
Buchanan on Freedom

2012-09-ccr - Fabio Padovano, Ilaria Petrarca
A Theory of Cyclical Production of Laws and Decrees

2012-08-ccr - Micael Castanheira, Gaëtan Nicodème, Paola Profeta
On the Political Economics of Tax Reforms : survey and empirical assessment

2012-07-ccr - Klaus abbink, David Masclet, Daniel Mirza
Inequality and Inter-group Conflicts – Experimental Evidence

2012-06-ccr - David Bardey, Fernando Jaramillo
Unemployment insurance/severance payments and informality in developing countries

2012-05-ccr - Vani K. Borooah, Catherine Bros
The Distribution of Social Capital, Confidence in Public Bodies, and Electoral Participation in India

2012-04-ccr - Vincenzo Galasso, Paola Profeta
When the State Mirrors the Family : The Design of Pension Systems

2012-03-ccr - Fabio Padovano, Gilberto Turati
Redistribution through a "Leaky Bucket". What explains the Leakages?

2012-02-ccr - Jørn Rattsø, Rune J. Sørensen
Political control of government enterprises: Who controls whom?

2012-01-ccr - Francesco Lagona, Antonello Maruotti, Fabio Padovano
The opposite Cycles of Laws and Decrees


2011-03-ccr - Benoît Le Maux, Federica Minardy, Charlotte Magalhaes
Determinants of Electoral Outcomes : A simple Test of Meltzer and Richard’s Hypothesis

2011-02-ccr - Benoît Le Maux, Yvon Rocaboy
A simple microfoundation for the utilization of fragmentation indexes to measure the performance of a team

2011-01-ccr - Ilarca Petrarca, Fabio Padovano
From Taxes to Politics, from Politics to Taxes : Evidence of Yardstick Competition in the Italian Muicipalities